Your own IOS and Android apps from just £5,000


We build your app in flexible frameworks so the SAME app can be used to both Android and IOS. You no longer have to build and maintained two apps.

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From discussion we can give you the quote within 24 hours.


We can quickly amend your app. Our hourly rate is high, but we won’t need many hours to make changes, compared to traditional app development.


No matter what you want, we can probably help you. As we only use the best and most time saving frameworks, this means we typically ends up delivering an app for much less than half price compared to our larger competitors.

You own the code

When your invoice is paid and there is no outstanding payment, we can export all code and deliver it to you for other developers to continue on for just a fee of €499. Simply paying for the time it takes to pull it all together.

We keep all projects for at least 5 years on  

Discover the world with us

We understand business and app-development

15 Years Of Experience in Business make us who we are...

Our founders started building businesses the last 15 years. We therefor as a business have large knowledge of many different businesses and are able to assist with how to develop technology for your business. 

We have all from Web-development, Digital Marketing, App Development as well as Business Development Advise. 

Always available for assistance

Affordable App development

Customers are the core of our mission


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